Dr. Yu now has a second clinic, dedicated to Chinese herbal dermatology. If this is your primary concern, please see her at Twigs and Leaves in Redmond!

With the baby boomers retiring, there is unfortunately a shortage of medical doctors, and dermatologists are no exception!

If the skin condition is not urgent, it might be worth giving acupuncture and Chinese medicine a try first (or while you wait for your dermatologist appointment, scheduled in 3 months).

External care and hygiene are certainly important, but if you’ve tried too many products, washes, and lotions, and are still frustrated with your skin, it is quite possible there is an internal imbalance that needs to be addressed.

Many medications prescribed for skin conditions, such as antibiotics, cortico-steroids, or birth control pills, only treat the superficial inflammation. Though it may relieve some symptoms, often times, it will only come back if left untreated.

In Chinese medicine, the skin is an outward manifestation of the [Chinese] Lungs. To parallel, it is known in modern physiology, that the skin is the body’s first line of defense from foreign microbes. TheLungs breathe in “fresh inhaling clear qi,” oxygen, and energy that support our immune system. Those with compromised Lung qi may be those who travel frequently or work with young kids. They catch the common cold more frequently than others, are more susceptible to allergies, have poor temperature regulation, and may sweat spontaneously.

No system is ever independent of another. The Lungs also have a direct relationship with the Large Intestines. By harmonizing the digestive system, we can also clear up the skin! See Digestion for more info.

Chronic skin conditions, or chronic inflammation in general, tend to deplete the body of its natural fluids overtime. Inflammation is like fire. You can see the red, and feel the heat. Heat up a pot of water, even on low, and eventually it will burn out. The presentation of the skin may change, becoming more dry and flaky. In Chinese medicine, we will additionally seek to nourish these fluids.

There are several other pathologies in Chinese medicine, so see your acupuncturist for an individualized assessment and treatment!

Eczema Before Chinese Medicine Treatment (Left Elbow Crease)
Eczema Before Chinese Medicine Treatment (Right Elbow Crease)
Eczema After Chinese Medicine Treatment (About Two Months Later)