Happy Late Summer, Happy Earth!

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Two seasons in the forest
Two seasons in the forest

Happy Late Summer! As we transition from summer to late summer, we also transition from the fire to earth element, from outward to inward, or from yang to yin. 

Summer is the most yang time of the year, full of fire and activity. However, In Chinese medicine, seasons are constantly changing, so once we reach the peak of summer, there is no other direction to go, but to hike back down. Late summer is the short, but important, transition into fall. It is a time to harvest the fruits of our labor. It is a time to conserve energy in preparation for the cooler fall and winter. 

Practices such as acupuncture and bodywork, help bring us inward and sync us into the innate rhythms of our bodies. They help us make that pivotal transition from yang to yin.

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