A walk with my naked eyes

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Today was a sunny February Sunday. I decided to go for a short walk along one of the many trails in my neighborhood…without my glasses or contacts.

Of the 15 years I’ve been wearing contacts, I don’t think I’ve ever stepped out of the house to go on a walk (or do anything for that matter), with my naked eyes.

Yes, quite visually impaired, I took the chance of accidentally steeping in horse poop…but it was totally worth the risk. No I couldn’t see well, but there was a potent element of liberation to undergo a simple task like walking without these visual crutches I depend so heavily on.

For now, I definitely can set aside my Saturday or Sunday morning to do this. As the days get longer, hopefully I will make time before work on the weekdays as well!

And YES I HAVE MADE IMPROVEMENT WITH MY VISION!! I have a few eye charts as great décor in my house, and I can definitely see an extra two lines standing from the same distance! Some days clearer than others, but change nonetheless, and it has been about one month since I’ve begun this journey to better vision.

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  1. Monika

    Hello Debbie,

    Thank you for your blogs about improving vision naturally. I look forward to reading more from you about this topic. I myself started only a day ago and am still trying to figure it all out, the internet is full of good and bad advice. I am currently on about -3 but I am trying to stay optimistic about my ability to change my vision. I will definitely keep an eye about new blog posts from you about what worked and what didnt work for you. Have a wonderful day. Greetings from South Africa. Monika 🙂

    • Debbie

      Hi Monika,

      Thank you for your message! Yes, I would agree, the internet can be an overwhelming source of both great and poor information…
      It is most important to stay optimistic and practice everyday. Though a slow process, it is quite empowering as well! Wish you well with your journey, and I will keep you updated with another blog post soon 😀

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