Palming: our hands’ natural healing powers

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It’s 5pm when I get home. I lie down, and cover my eyes with the concave curvature of my palms. A perfect fit, screening out all bits of light. It’s like they were meant to fit there. I feel not only warmth and relaxation but an energetic healing vibration. Five minutes, or sometimes 30 minutes later, I release my hands and allow my eyes to receive the world. I see sharper – there is no doubt.

Photo on 4-25-16 at 7.45 PM #2 (1)As a practitioner of the healing arts, I always knew our hands held more power than simple dexterity.

As a long time student of the natural sciences, I wondered if “biomedicine” holds a name for this. Turns out, yes. Humans are natural emitters of infrared and hands emit relatively more infrared than other parts of the body. You can find machines and saunas that emit infrared or simply use your hands!

Science offers little, unless tested over and over again…so go try it yourself!!


  1. Silvia Matsuda

    This is the most warming post I’ve been reading lately. I am a firm believer that our hands have natural power of healing. Thank you for writing this and sharing your own experience!

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