Heavenly Moxibustion (Tian Jiu): Traditional Chinese Medicine “Vaccine”

Heavenly Moxibustion (Tian Jiu): Traditional Chinese Medicine “Vaccine”

Utilizing the strength of the summer months to prevent illnesses in the winter
with Debbie Yu, MS, L.Ac, DAOM Candidate 2017

Basic Theory: Contracting respiratory diseases in the winter is often due to a deficiency of Yang Qi. Summer is the most Yang time of the year, the peak of heat, activity, and intensity. Heavenly moxibustion utilizes the strength of the summer to store the Yang Qi into the body, thus treating and preventing winter diseases come winter. In the summer, the Qi is at the most superficial layer in the skin. (Heat tends to rise in nature, as well as in the body, and you sweat more easily). Thus, the body is able to absorb the constituents of the herbs readily.

Basic process: Herbal paste is applied topically to specific points on the back, on 3 specific sunny days in the summer, at noon. Each application is left on for a few hours. Repeat for at least 3 summers.



2016 Dates: 
-Sunday July 17
-Wednesday July 27
-Saturday August 6 (extra day)
-Tuesday August 16
***These are ideal dates; at the least, treat 3 days ~10 days apart in the summer

May be beneficial for:
-Preventing respiratory illnesses, including bacterial/viral infections, esp. in people who run cold
-Asthma (chronic)

-Convenient: quick application and infrequent treatment
-Controllable: can control intensity by removing paste and washing off

Side effects: Local sites will likely burn, blister, itch, and/or scar.

pregnant women, or people with very sensitive skin. Caution with children.


Some more logistics: 
-Sign up for 3 appointments. Each appointment will be about 15 minutes, so I can thoroughly explain the process, and answer any questions you may have. I will always be available via email for follow up or further questions.
-Avoid scheduling the appointments too late, especially if you sleep early. A 6 hour retention time is average and optimal.
-Avoid coming to the appointment with tight clothing, particularly sports bras, as it may be difficult to put back on, once the patches are in place.
-To remove the patches, you will either need to be flexible enough to reach behind, or have someone who can help you. You should also gently wash your back after removing the patches.
-Avoid bathing during the treatments, esp. if blisters form. Showers are okay.
-$40 for the series. Sign up by calling Alpine Integrated Medicine at 425.949.5961

san fu line
Line forming outside a hospital in China, waiting for their heavenly moxibustion treatment!

  1. Jamie Hilbert


    How are you?? I moved to Los Angeles. I am working for Providence in LA. I wanted to ask you if you might be interested in doing a short 15 min presentation for providers about Oriental medicine topic in LA. You would only need to present for 15 mins and I was hoping to have share some of your great knowledge regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture. Please message me back to see if we can put something together.

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