New Friday Yoga Classes

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I teach yoga at Alpine Integrated Medicine on Redmond Ridge Friday mornings at 6:30am (60min) and again at 9:15am (75min).

The 6:30am class is a vinyasa flow class, so we work to connect our breath with our movements with fluidity and ease. It builds strength, flexibility, and centers on moving with intention. Open to all-levels!

The 9:15am class is an alignment focused class, so we will take time in each pose to find awareness in our bodies, notice our habitual tendencies, work to find proper alignment and then find ease in all movements.

I also weave my knowledge of qigong and tai chi into these classes. Essentially, this means incorporating breathing exercises into the poses. We’ll learn to expand our lung capacity, our ability to extract “fresh Lung qi” from the air; and then move this energy seamlessly through our bodies, releasing any areas of stagnation.


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