Daikon radish – a superfood

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In Chinese medicine, dietary therapy consists more of general recommendations as opposed to a strict diet. We take into account the season, individual constitutional needs, the innate temperature of foods, and the affinity of the food (to a certain organ system).

Daikon is a plentiful and inexpensive Chinese radish that can be highlighted as the main ingredient in many dishes, and it is becoming more and more known in the Western world as a superfood.

When raw, daikon is sweet, cool and pungent. It has an affinity to the lungs; and is especially appropriate now, because the lung is the organ associated with autumn. Daikon expands the chests, opens the lungs, and relieves cough and congestion. Good respiratory health contributes to a good immune system. Modern research tells us daikon is high in vitamin C and has many antibacterial/antiviral properties.

Daikon’s cool nature helps clear heat (or inflammation).  Inflammation is associated with virtually every disease, including cancer. Several sources say daikon is now used to fight cancer cells!

When cooked, daikon is more stimulating to the digestive system. Again, modern research says it is high in digestive enzymes, which make it a good companion when eating foods high in fat.

A few ideas for daikon:
-Pickled daikon
Daikon rice cakes
-Daikon congee
-Added to soups
Baked daikon pastries

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