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If daikon (from previous post) sounds too intimidating, how about something more familiar, like cauliflower or pears?

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Cauliflower growing in the garden!


Sweet, pungent, and white, cauliflower is similar to daikon in many ways – from a Chinese medicine perspective, as well as a western biomedical perspective.

In Chinese medicine, cauliflower has an affinity towards the Lungs, the organ associated with the season of fall. It can help clear cough and strengthen immunity. It is high in vitamin C

In western medicine, cauliflower is classified as a Brassica-genus vegetable, a genus recommended in general by the National Cancer Institute for cancer prevention. These vegetables have many anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. They also mildly stimulate the liver to help clear stagnation.

Cauliflower is great simply steamed, sautéed, or roasted, with a bit of salt and pepper.  Other possibilities: mashed cauliflower to substitute mashed potatoes or roasted cauliflower leek soup.

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Pears, esp, Asian pears have a high water content, and moisten the lungs in cases of dryness. They are a great fruit to have to increase immunity and prevent common colds during the fall.

If you do get a cold, marked by sore throat and fever, a warm pear sauce with rock sugar or honey can be very soothing and aid recovery.



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