Element of Summer is Fire

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PART ONE In Chinese medicine, fire is the element of the early summer. It is associated with the shen or spirit, which resides inside the Heart. An imbalanced fire element can lead to either depression or excess joy (mania). Taking … Continued

More Fall foods

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If daikon (from previous post) sounds too intimidating, how about something more familiar, like cauliflower or pears?   Sweet, pungent, and white, cauliflower is similar to daikon in many ways – from a Chinese medicine perspective, as well as a … Continued

Daikon radish – a superfood

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In Chinese medicine, dietary therapy consists more of general recommendations as opposed to a strict diet. We take into account the season, individual constitutional needs, the innate temperature of foods, and the affinity of the food (to a certain organ … Continued

New Friday Yoga Classes

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I teach yoga at Alpine Integrated Medicine on Redmond Ridge Friday mornings at 6:30am (60min) and again at 9:15am (75min). The 6:30am class is a vinyasa flow class, so we work to connect our breath with our movements with fluidity and ease. It … Continued

Acu-Yoga Class, 4/27

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Offered once a month. Come experience the synergistic effects of yoga and acupuncture! No yoga experience necessary.  When: Sunday, April 27, 500-615pm Where: Health Within Studio: 8226 196th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98053 How: Pre-registration required. Limited spaces available. Call or email to … Continued